Free mental health/wellbeing courses for Kirklees schools

ROKT Foundation and Invictus Wellbeing charities have joined forces and secured funding to support mental health and wellbeing for children and young people aged 12-17 years old in Kirklees schools.

It is completely free. Thanks to the generosity of One Community in Kirklees and their commitment to supporting mental health for young people through their grant programme we can do this potentially life-changing work.

We can offer free courses to Kirklees schools to support pupils who are specifically in need of extra support with their health and wellbeing. These may be children that have been identified by teachers or the pastoral team.

Read our online brochure here: 

So, what can you expect? Basically all the exciting things listed on the other
pages in this brochure!

Do you have students you think would benefit from this project?
Then get in touch and we’ll arrange a chat about the programme in more detail.
Email or call 01484 937180.

Watch our participants reach for NICAS qualifications

This latest film shows how we are helping young people achieve a formal national NICAS climbing qualification in partnership with Invictus Wellbeing at our Foundation.

The aim is to support children suffering from a broad spectrum of mental health and wellbeing challenges.

These kids were incredible and are now well on their journey to achieving their NICAS as well as bags of fresh confidence and self-belief.

With interviews from ROKT Foundation instructor, Paul, and some awesome kids.

Watch our groundbreaking police partnership project in action

ROKT Foundation has joined forces with West Yorkshire Police on an innovative project to support young people to keep them on the right track.

Watch our film as we harness the power of climbing and teamwork to put these great kids on a new route and a brighter future.

Aimed at those at risk of crime or becoming victims of it, the course has enabled these amazing young people to build their self-confidence, teamwork and self-esteem.